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06 Jul, 2017

Indian Zoos Witness the Death of Over 20 Tigers Every Year

According to Times of India, a series of unfortunate events linger in the zoos of India threatening the country’s national animal, Tiger. As per the Association of Indian Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians (AIZWV), ‘Over 20 tigers die in captive of Indian zoos every year,’ which is leading to an endangerment of this beautiful species. A detailed analysis of raw data was made by the Central Zoo Authority with a result stating that around 99 white tigers and 245 tigers were housed in zoos across India in 2015-16, out of which 16 white tigers and 28 normal tigers died in the same year.

The normal tigers that were kept in the zoos were around 295 in 2011-12 but has gradually dropped in population to 245 in 2015-16. President of AIZWV, B M Arora spoke to TOI saying that, they are yet to figure the cause of death but speculations are being made that many diseases including canine distemper virus are mainly responsible for killing of tigers in the zoos. Ideally, the maximum lifespan of a tiger is 23 years, where around 45% cubs die in the first year, however, if survived, there are chances for them live up to 19 years or more.

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