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The land of legends-Ranthambore (established-1980) in every case is unusual among the Indian reserves, with one and only reason, the presence of large number of Bengal tigers in the arena. It is the ideal destination to find a major tiger territory. If anybody knows Ranthambore it's all because of its existence as the Tigers' Paradise which was once the private hunting ground for the kings of Jaipur.

Definitely the outstanding landscape and diverse ranges of flora and fauna with typical dry deciduous elements make the environment more favorable for them. The abundance of tiger counts have probably influenced the officials to move some of them to the nearby reserve- the Sariska when the place had scarcity of the tigers.

In Ranthambore, almost every tiger has a special reputation and legend that precedes their lineages. Interestingly, every tiger-lover thronging to Ranthambore National Park has a happy tiger story to take home. From a toothless but majestic veteran (Machali, T-16) who loves to pose for the tourists and observers to her daughter, who continues that legacy by introducing her cubs to the world even if they are too young. Similarly, the tourists can equally get attracted to the yearning lover called Romeo (T-6) that tries hard to catch hold the attention of her younger companion Laila (T-41) that in turn attracts her regular mates and flirts with others; that really sounds interesting.

The recent increase in tiger count to 22 with T-9 (Durrah Female) has also been sighted with two of her cubs in the area and that superbly indexed their existence more majestically. Other cubs in the park were also discovered including two female cubs of T-5 (brought up by Daddy), 2 cubs of T-8, two cubs of T-31, 3 cubs of T-19, 2 cubs of T-26, 3 cubs of T-11, 3 cubs of T-30 & two cubs of T-13.

With all these cute cubs attaining their sub-adulthood in the coming years, the park may probably not have sufficient space to accommodate all the fresh species. That is something very interesting news for all the tiger lovers but with increase in count, their safety is the major concern today. The authority needs to extend their space to avoid another Broken-Tail story by effective planning and management.

The stories and life histories of the Royal Bengal Tigers will definitely compel you to be the impressive beholders of these imperial creatures. Let us now dwell deep into the stories and legends behind every majestic occupants of Ranthambore National Park: