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02 Jul, 2014

Monsoon Break for Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is going on a Break! With the arrival of monsoon season the national park has closed down for next 3 months i.e July to September. It is to be noted that this is a partial close down as Zone 6 to Zone 10 are likely to stay open even in the monsoon period.

Where on one hand wildlife enthusiasts will give a miss to the opportunity of spotting tigers like Machhli (T-16), Krishna (T-19) and Sultan (T-72), on the other hand they have bright chances to sight other star attractions of Ranthambore National Park like Ustad (T-24) and Fateh (T-42). Let us all wish a happy and safe monsoon to our Ranthambore Family until we get to visit it again from October 1.

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