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Tigress T-111 Seen with 4 Cubs in Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

03 Jan, 2022

2021, The Best Year for Tiger Population at Ranthambore National Park

India has always been the most fascinating place to spot Tigers in the gorgeous National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries. It also has been renowned worldwide for conservation of tigers from global extinction.  Extinction of Tigers is a major cause of concern as it is a direct threat to the wildlife tourism of India. Causes like Illegal trade of tigers, poaching, untimely death, climate change, human conflict and loss of habitat are always haunting the population of Tigers in India which directly affects the enthusiasm of wildlife enthusiasts and tourism of India. But like a rain in the desert the year 2021 has been considered as a ray of hope in the tiger count of India. The testimony to this fact is the tiger population in Ranthambore National Park. Tigers in their natural habitat amidst the refreshing vibe of nature is one of the most exhilarating experiences one must have in a lifetime. Ranthambore National Park had witnessed the unbelievable rise in their Tiger population.

Tigress T-105 was spotted with her three new born cubs in Ranthambore

The increase in the Tiger population of Ranthambore National Park gave a boost to the wildlife tourism of India.  In 2021, tourists and wildlife lovers from all across the globe visited Ranthambore to see the wild play Majestic tigers and enjoyed the soothing wilderness and pristine surroundings. Ranthambore National Park played a very important role in keeping the quest for wildlife exploration in India intact with the rise of Tigers. According to the latest record, in 2021, Ranthambore saw the birth of 21 new tiger cubs which is the highest number of tiger cubs one can witness in a year. This definitely makes Ranthambore one of the best National and most visited national parks in India in 2021.

The Special Mentions Who Played an Amazing Role in the Tiger Count of Ranthambore National Park

Tigress T-111 Seen with 4 Cubs in Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

  • Tigress T-99 - 1 Tiger Cub
  • Tigress T-63 - 3 tiger Cubs
  • Tigress T- 111 - 4 Tiger Cubs
  • Tigress T-84 - 3 Tiger Cubs
  • Tigress T- 105 - 3 Tiger Cubs
  • Tigress T-69 - 2 Tiger Cubs
  • Tigress T-144 - 2 Tiger Cubs
  • Tigress T-60 - 1 tiger Cubs
  • Tigress T-114 - 2 Tiger Cubs
The increase in the population of Tigers at Ranthambore National Park is a blessing for the tourism of Wildlife in the upcoming years. The mortality of Tiger cubs is quite high and only half of the tiger cubs survive to reach maturity. It is very important to keep strict surveillance by the forest authorities to give proper care and nutrition for the conservation of the Tiger population. For wildlife lovers, the rising count of this majestic creature will surely pave the way to not only encourage others to conserve wildlife but also to initiate curiosity about wildlife in general to the nature lovers and travelers in India.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How many Tigers gave birth Ranthambore National Park in the year 2021?

This year total 9 tigresses gave birth to the tiger cubs. Tigress T99 - 1, T-63- 3, T- 111- 4, T-84 -3, T-105-3, T-69- 2, T-144- 2, T-60-1 and T-114-2.

How many Tigers were born in Ranthambore National Park in the year 2021?

Total 21 tigers were born in Ranthambore National Park in the year 2021.

Which Tigress had recently given birth to a tiger cub?

Tigress T-99 had recently given birth to a tiger cub on Christmas in the year 2021.

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