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07 Apr, 2018

Tigress Lightning of Ranthambore National Park Abandons Her Litters

Tigress Lightning of Ranthambore National Park is reported to have abandoned her two and half years old litters near a farmhouse. As per the forest officials who had been keeping an eye on the movement of the Tigress, she first moved her litters to the Amaghati Forest Area and then took them to the adjacent farmhouse and has left them alone for almost 6 days now. As per the report, she abandoned her little ones to stay with another male tiger in a different zone.

Though the forest officials are closely monitoring the tiger cubs, they are worried about the well-being of these two starving litters. According to CCF, Y.K Sahu, the security of these litters is being taken quite seriously, plenty of water has also been made available for the abandoned cubs. The officials are likely to feed the litters as well since there has been no indication of tigress Lightning’s return.

As per the officials, Lightning is being seen in the Jhumar Bawri Region of Ranthambore National Park with tiger T-95, according to them, there can be two possible reasons for such a deviant behaviour. One, that the tigress is afraid with her not being submissive to male tiger T-95, the lives of her litters could be in danger, this is probably why she has moved the base away of her cubs away from the cubs. Two, the tigress genuinely wants to stay with T-95 and thus has abandoned her litters. It has to be noted, a similar instance is also witnessed in the case of tigress Arrowhead who is believed to have abandoned her 10 days old cubs to mate with another tiger.

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