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06 Jun, 2014

Breaking News: Tiger Cubs Spotted Once Again at Ranthambore Park

What more can pull in wildlife enthusiasts to Ranthambore National Park even during the surging heat of summer? Well, it seems that nowadays the big cats are ready to bask in daylight and entrap the eyes of travellers. Ah! The lucky few ones who wheeled to Zone 7 and sighted T-8, a.k.a. Ladli, with 2 cubs during the fever pitch. Few days back at Zone 2 couple of tiger cubs born to Mala aka Noor (T–39) were also spotted. Mala, the spouse of the most commonly sighted tiger Ustad (T-24), is also the proud mother of the young and famous Tiger Sultan (T-72). According to reports, Ranthambore National Park is now a home to 61 tigers. Guys! Just 3 weeks left before Ranthambore National Park closes down for the monsoon… hence hurry up, pack your camera and head out for a wildlife safari. Who knows you may be the next Lucky One!

Tigress T-8 with three cubs

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