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T-91 Mirza

12 Jun, 2017

T-91 Photographed by Poolak Bhatt at Ranthambore National Park

Here we present to you few photographs of tiger T-91, also known as Mirza, as spotted in Ranthambore National Park. These pictures are clicked by Poolak Bhatt, an enthusiast wildlife photographer from India.

Tiger T-91, in a Composed Mood Trying to Relax

T-91 Mirza (2)

Mirza Seen Rubbing Himself Back and Forth on his Back on a Warm Day in Ranthambore

T-91 Mirza (3)

Mirza Taking a Relaxing Dip in Water

T-91 Mirza (5)

Mirza Quietly Looks Around his Surrounding in Search for Prey

T-91 Mirza (6)

Mirza Staring at the Camera Lens... Quite a Poser

T-91 Mirza (8)

Mirza Spotted Keeping Himself Hydrated on a Warm Day in Ranthambore

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