Ranthambore National Park

Unexpected Visit by Machali Left the Hotel Awestruck

Posted on Wed, 27 Aug 2014 10:39:37 by Nidhi Singh

Machali Tigress

Seems like the famous tigress Machali (T-16) needed a break. She was spotted in a hotel in the Amaghati forest area situated in Ranthambore National Park. According to reports on Monday August 25, the 19 years old Machali barged 30m inside the premises of a hotel. Since the park is closed for the tourists due to monsoon, the tigress had a comfortable night stay behind a cottage of the hotel. On Tuesday morning, the hotel staff informed about this unexpected guest to the Forest Department. As per reports, when the Assistant Conservator of Forest (ACF) arrived, Machali was found making herself feel at home. Further, ACF ordered monitoring of this already feeling comfy tiger without having to disturb her. The whimsical tigress finally decided to leave for the area of Amaghati Choki after spending half a day in the hotel on Tuesday. According to DFO Sudarshan Sharma, T-16 had entered the premises of Hotel Khem-Vilas.

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