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08 Jun, 2020

NTCA Reopens Tiger Reserves, Wildlife Safaris to Begin!

Have you been missing the excitement of visiting the tiger reserves in India & spotting your favourite animals for the past few months? The wait is over! National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has granted permission to reopen the Tiger Reserves in India from 08th June, 2020. However, this comes with a new set of covid-19 guidelines, which will have to be strictly adhered to while entering the park & going on the safari.

What are the new guidelines for visiting the tiger reserves?

Here are the new guidelines laid out by the National Tiger Conservation Authority:
  • Temperature checks will be conducted for all the guests at the entry point.
  • Any guest whose body temperature is higher than normal will not be allowed to enter the park. If their temperature is found to be higher than normal, he/she will be taken immediately for medical assistance by a dedicated team in a vehicle specially selected for that purpose.
  • Tourists who are more than 10 years of age and more than 65 years of age will not be allowed to enter the park. Park authorities will check the age certificate at the entry point.
  • Wearing masks and face shields will be mandatory for all the tourists. Every vehicle will have to carry a sanitizer at all times.
  • All tourist vehicles will carry only 50% tourists of their respective capacity.

Does this mean we can visit the tiger reserves now?

Yes, you can plan a trip to the tiger reserves in India now, although the guidelines mentioned above will be strictly adhered to both by the tourists and the park authorities.

Ranthambore National Park reopens for tourists, Zones 1-6 open for now

Ranthambore National Park has been reopened for tourists, after being closed since 18th March with the onset of Coronavirus. However, vehicles for wildlife safaris will operate with only 50% of their respective capacities.

Zones 1-6 open for now

Although Ranthambore National Park has been opened for tourism, only Zones 1-6 will be accessible for tourists on wildlife safaris, the rest 4 of them will remain closed for now.

Ranthambore receives its first tourist after lockdown

Ranthambore National Park received its first tourist after lockdown. Before going on the wildlife safari, the entire vehicle was sanitized and thermal screening conducted on the tourist. The tourist season for Ranthambore National Park will end on 30th June and the park will be closed for 3 months. The possibilities of keeping Zone 6 open for tourists are being explored.

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