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Celebrated as one of the largest Tiger Reserves in India, Ranthambore National Park is situated in the heart of Rajasthan. Approximately at a distance of 14kms from Sawai Madhopur, Ranthambore sprawls in a majestic 392 square kms of the area. The park is neatly laid at the junction of the Aravalis and the Vindhayan Range, which generously nurture the area with diverse topography and wildlife. Dry deciduous forest, open grassy lands and several lakes and rivers, make Ranthambore picturesque along with adventurous.

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No Safari in Monsoon Season in Ranthambore National Park: Orders NTCA

National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) orders for ceasing jungle safari in all the zones of Ranthambore National Park in the monsoon season. Although the park has already restricted safaris in most of its part but zones 6,7,8,9 and 10 were st...

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74 Tiger Deaths in India in First Half of 2016: Is Poaching the Only Reason?

With a recent demise of Tiger, T-11 the death toll of tigers in India have reached to 74 in total. The most unfortunate fact is that the data provided is of only the six months of the year 2016, which is definitely a matter of great concern. Where ...

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Eleven-Year-Old Tigress (T-11) Found Dead in Ranthambore

Tigress T-11 found dead in Rajasthan's Ranthambore National Park..... There is sad news for the supporters of wildlife as on Saturday (25th June 2016) in wee hours, an 11-year-old tigress, also known as T 11, was found dead in the Ranthambore ...

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World’s Most Photographed Tigress, Machli Turns 20

It was the monsoon of 1997, a young tiger was spotted in the verdant forest of Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan. Named after a prominent fish sign on the left of her face, Machli in the preceeding years became the reigning tigress of Ranthambo...

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PM Modi Makes Desperate Call for Tiger Conservation

At an inaugural session of the three-day 3rd Asia Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation in Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged corporate giants to collaborate with the government to reduce tiger trafficking in In...

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Now, full day safari in Ranthambore National Park

State Government of Rajasthan has finally approved the proposal of full day safari in Ranthambore National Park, from sunrise to sunset. This decision has been cheering many wildlife lovers but dismaying conservationists too, who consider this it as ...

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My Experience at Ranthambore National Park- Sundeep Kheria

What could be a better & thrilling experience then falling in love at first sight, I guess nothing. That is what happened to me as soon as I crossed the security check and entered the Ranthambore National Park. I had visited the Ranthambore Na...

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Share Your Thrilling Experience of Your Visit to Ranthambore and Win a Free Safari and 2N/3Days Stay

We invite all wildlife lovers who have visited Ranthambore National Park to share their happy experience with us. We are giving you an opportunity to tell your part of the story about your thrilling experience at one of India's best national park...

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Tiger Sultan AKA T-72 Resighted in the National Park

The famed Tiger Sultan aka T-72 was resighted in Ranthambore National Park after months of being missing from the reserve. According to the fresh report, T-72, Sultan, who is the son of the infamous tiger Ustad is being sighted frequently in the ...

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Ranthambore’s Gateway Sawai Madhopur Railway Station Gets a Unique Makeover

One of the smallest railway stations in India, Sawai Madhopur is grabbing major attention not only locally but country wide. The reason behind the fame is the unique makeover that the railway station has acquired. With the consent of Railway Minist...

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