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Summer, Monsoon & Winter Season


The popular wildlife destination in India, Ranthambore National Park remains open between October and June. The winter season between October and March is considered the best time to visit Ranthambore National Park due to the pleasant weather condition when the temperature ranges between comfortable 10℃ and 30℃. During this season, animals can be seen in the broad daylight basking under the sun.

In the months between April and June (summer season), Ranthambore experiences hot and humid weather with mercury rising up to 40℃. The month of April is still comfortable with temperatures not exceeding more than 30 – 35℃. However, May and June are extremely hot months. During the summers though, one has more chances of sighting tigers and other animals who frequently have to visit the water holes to keep themselves hydrated.

In the monsoon season between July and September, many of the zones of Ranthambore National Park remain closed for the visitors. The core of the national park with Gates 1 to 5 remain closed in the monsoon; the buffer zone with Gate 6 to 10 remain open in this season.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When does Ranthambore Park open for Tourist?

Ranthambore park opens in the mid of October every year. From October to March considered the best time to visit Ranthambore as during this period the weather remains quite comfortable for wildlife safaris.

Q. Does Ranthambore close in the monsoon season?

Yes, the core zones of Ranthambore remain closed for tourist in the monsoon season. But the buffer zones with Gate 6-10 remain open for tourist in the monsoon.

Q. What is the best time for tiger sighting in Ranthambore?

Both the winter (October - March) and summer (May-June) seasons are ideal for tiger sighting in Ranthambore. In winter months, tigers can be spotted basking under the sun, while in the summer months, they can be sighted frequently visiting the water holes.

Q. What should one wear when going for a wildlife safari in summer in Ranthambore?

It is important to wear a hat, cotton clothes, and apply sunscreen when going for a wildlife safari in summer season in Ranthambore.

What should one wear when going for a wildlife safari in winter in Ranthambore?

Wollen clothes should be worn in winter season and warm caps should also be carried, especially during the early morning safaris in Ranthambore in winter.

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