Sundari (T-17)

On October 2006, this grandeur of Ranthambore was first observed; the Sundari (T-17) tigress is simply like her mother, Machali. Out of all the three sisters namely "Sundari or Satara", "Athara" and "Unnis" (or 17, 18 and 19 in Hindi) who were born during the monsoon months (July to September) of 2006, Satara is the dominant litter from the very beginning. Majestically by December 2007, she started exploring her own territory while her other sisters stayed with their mother.

By the early 2008, Satra established her own perfect territory and that majestically was the base of Ranthambore Fort. Like humans, she occasionally used to visit her family despite being capable of hunting on her own. By summer 2008, Satra became totally independent but her two sisters taking another few months to separate from their mother.

Like her mother she too loves exploring territory and in the rage of such efforts she had expanded her territory to greater extent. Quite amazing but she even fought with her mother Machali to overtake her territory and finally won too. Machali had to leave her territory, the area of the lakes and eastablished her base in Lakkarda, which is her current territory.

Gradually, Satara overtook almost all the territories of Machali except Lakkarda region and some parts of Mandoop, which was overtook by her sister Unnis (19). Her other sister, Athara (18) had established her territory recently in the area of Phoot Kot.

Since then Satara is ruling the areas of the lakes for the last three years. The interesting part of this tigress is that she is not shy of vehicles coming to the reserve and makes the tourists comfortable while roaming around.

Satara is often been found to mate with other male tigers but ironically had not been able to bear any litter out of them. She always shared her territory with three different males (T12, T25 and Sitara earlier, and now Sultanpur, following T12's move to Sariska).

Satara later expanded her area into the Kachida valley during summer 2011 after the dominant female there (T5) died and has one of the largest territories among the females in Ranthambore National Park - a territory rivaled in size only by that of her sister Unnis (T-19).

Finally after much speculation Satra bore three cubs in early May 2012 and it is assumed that Dollar (T-25) is their father.