Flora in Ranthambore National Park

Popular Vegetation in Ranthambore Park


In the popular national park of Ranthambore the terrain alternates between dry deciduous forests and open grassy meadow. There are about 539 species of flowering plants in Ranthambore National Park. The Dhok tree is the most common type of tree that dots the national park apart from it, mango, tamarind, and banyan are amongst the other tree species that can be found in abundance here. Ranthambore is also famous for housing one of the largest banyan trees in India at Jogi Mahal. 

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Frequently Asked Question About Ranthambore Flora

Q. What type of flora is found in Ranthambore National Park?

Ranthambore primarily has mixed deciduous type of flora which includes shrubs, grass, trees, and around 539 species of flowering plants.

Q. What is the common type of plants/trees seen in Ranthambore?

Dhok trees, palm trees, dhak, and banyan trees are some of the common type of tree species found in Ranthambore.

Q. Is it true that Ranthambore has one of the largest banyan trees in India?

Yes, at Ranthambore’s Jogi Mahal, is a banyan tree that is amongst the largest in India.

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