Bina One Tigress- the Adopted Daughter of Dollar (T25)

Age: 2 years old (sub-adult)
Name Meaning: Bina one
Code: K1 (Ra)
First Sighting: December 2010
Gender: Female
Notable Marks: Light coat and stripes very wide apart

The Bina One tigress along with her sister Bina Two has always remained in the limelight of Ranthambore news. The reason for such fame is their early orphanage and later their bringing up by their father, Dollar, the T25 tiger. This extraordinary pair has literally received lots of attentions by the tourists in response of their bringing up by Dollar, a male tiger. Surprised? Yes, it's true, unlike their nature; the Dollar is the only male tiger in Ranthambore who has shown great love and tender care to their cubs that used to be the duty of the female tigers anywhere. More pleasurably, Dollar has proven itself as the best mother in Ranthambore and today these tigresses are growing well, quite healthily under his care.

Being born to the Kachida Female (T-5) and Dollar (T-25) in November 2010, the Binaek tigress along with her sister has a famous adoption story that really shook the research world and especially among the tiger lovers.

The story of this wonderful family starts with the mating of the Kachidha Female (T5) and Dollar (T25) in the late winters of 2011 and by the end of the monsoons the duo had their first litter-the Binaek followed by another female cub which was identified as Binado (Bina Two).

But unfortunately about four months later in February 2011, the Kachida Female was found dead near the chowki (Guard post) after yelling for all night, from the pain of internal hemorrhaging that she was suffering. This was the time when the forest officials were in an inevitable dilemma whether the cubs will survive or die along with their mother. But surprisingly, the matter came before the fact that Dollar (the father) was taking care of the cubs and was performing his duties of fatherhood in a very responsive and impressive manner.

A quiet observation in May 2011 proved that her father is actually looking after his cubs and since then their extra-ordinary story of love and his fatherhood prevailed all around the Ranthambore. Unlike his howling nature, Dollar was observed patrolling his territory and amazingly training his cubs the necessary skills for survival and occasionally admonishing them like any good mother.

Binaek, being quite responsive to her father always stay around him in her previous stage followed him like a shadow, played with him and even slept near him.Binaek and Binado are still together, attaining their adulthood every passing day and now gaining their full maturity. Sultanpur (T24), the dominant male is rather fond of these twin young ladies, who live close to some lodges and within the Sitara domain. Today, the family of Binaek has great affection for each other and regularly moves through the tourism zones, delighting visitors.

In November 2012, the forest department decided to relocate the duo sisters to the Sariska Reserve to re-establish the population of Sariska. The orders have been issued for the relocation of these two newly-matured tigresses to Sariska to continue the growing population of this recently poached out park, just 100 miles from Ranthambore.

And then, on 23rd of January this year, Binaek was being tranquilized and relocated to Sariska by road successfully. Sariska is now peppier with the introduction of these duo sisters Binaek and Binado to make the count reach up to nine in the Alwar area of Rajasthan.

Though, Sultanpur (T24) would be deeply depressed due to their re-location. The dominant male of the area (where they were rambling on the western fringes of the park, close to a number of lodges), Sultanpur was increasingly fond of these twins and spent many times courting them.

This much interesting family story is quite rare in any kind of reserve but is a must watch sight for the tiger lovers in the Ranthambore vicinity.