Binado- Binaek's Companion from
Ranthambore to Sariska

Age: 2 years old (sub-adult)
Name Meaning:Bina two - in Hindi
Code: K2 (Ra)
First Sighting: December 2010
Gender: Female
Notable Marks:Very thick black stripes

She is the one of the tigresses among the twin sisters found in Ranthambore who were famed for their orphanage and then bringing up by the proud father, Dollar. Binado tigress, the sister tigress of Binaek;both were littered by Kachida Female (T-5) and Dollar (T-25) in November 2010 and had been the pride of Ranthambore since then.

This story is not about Binaek or Binadobut it is the real story of a family. A family that loves each other and understandsthe value of each other and the whole credit goes to the T-25 Tiger, Dollar who is surely a responsible father and taught his cubs patrolling his territory and amazingly trained his cubs the necessary skills for survival. The forest officials earlier thought that Dollar will bring harm to his cubs like any other male tiger; but interestingly, the matter came into a pleasant surprise that he was bothering much about his cubs and was bringing tender care to them.And like the obedient children both the cubs used to follow them and his instructions; where Binaek use to follow Dollar like a shadow and was obeying his guidance but on the other side Binadoshowed his unwillingness towards his authority as if she wants her own territory at the earlier stage only. This typically shows a dominant attitude of Binado but still she lives with her sister (Bianek) peacefully.

Today these cubs have turned into a mature tigress with a great dominance in the Kachida and the nearby territory. Both Bina-I and Bina-II are known to stray out even in the nearby resorts- SherBagh, Khem Vilas and AmanBagh. Their happy dwelling across the Kachida territory is well-known to every tiger-lover.

Keeping in mind the increasing population of the tigers in the Ranthambore area, the forest department officials relocated both Bina-I & Bina-II to the Sariska Tiger Reserve (STR) in January 2013 in a bid to save tigers and to avoid man-animal conflicts. At the moment there are 27 adult tigers and 26 cubs in the 600 sq km area of the Ranthambore Park where six to seven tigers can easily be re-located either to Kaila Devi Sanctuary or Sariska Reserve to ease out the situation in the park; where these twins are amongst them.