Junglee (T-41): The Berda Female

Junglee Tigress- T-41Junglee also known as the T-41 tigress was littered by T-4 female and Big Daddy in the beautiful Berda Valley of Ranthambore; and so is also being identified as the Berda female. She was born along with her brother Berda male cub (T-40) where both are very popular among the regular guides and travelers.

Unfortunately, when the cubs were a year old, their mother died of an infected injury following a fight over a prey with another tiger in the area. After this incident, both the cubs survived for another one year by consoling and supporting each other in hunting and learning the basic survival skills.

So, the Berda female was most popularized in the vicinity due to her determined survival nature in the territory and established herself in her place of birth-the Berda territory as a member of the ruling elite along with her brother- T40.

Today, her major territory is outspreading with Berda, Semli, Bhakola valley and the Adidant region.

Later years, it was observed that a dominant male tiger Semli Male (T6) started tussling with the duo siblings for their home territory. The tussle ended with the escaping of T41's brother as he was driven out of the area and the Junglee had to survive with him (Semli Male) by making peace with him and regularly mating with him.

This was the incidence that later brought the opportunity to observe the budding and gallant couple regularly (in late April and then again in June) around the vicinity, courting each other. Their courtship resulted into the birth of their first brood of tiny cubs in November 2012.

Today Junglee is enjoying her motherhood which is a whole new experience for her as she is getting used to the new rhyme of life indulging and treating her cubs. Snatching a quick meal and quenching her thirst in between, feeding her ravenous cubs that are still blind for the first ten to fourteen days; is now her normal duty of the day.

Whereas, the Semli Male, who is a dominant one in the Berda area (on the boundaries of the visitor zone) and of course the proud dad is also being often observed of overseeing and over-indulging with his tigress ( Junglee ) on some food nearby. As a father his job is also crucial. Today the family is growing under his protection and he is surviving the ordeals that life throws at teeny youngsters.

Thus, the T-41 tigress is now living a complete family life along with her two cubs and their protective father. A glimpse of this heart-winning family at Ranthambore really brings a noted value for all.