T-20- the Gigantic and Manly Predator in Ranthambore

Ranthambore, the tigers' paradise attracts tiger lovers to catch the glory of the most popular, the masculine Jhumroo.T-20 (Jhumroo)is the oldest male in the park that descended the dynasty of the great Machali, being her son. If Machali is the "Lady of the Lakes" than probably Jhumroo is called the "Lord of the Lakes " since after Machali, it was Jhumroo who reigned her territorial areas including the lake and other water body areas.

From strapping young cub to gigantic male, the journey of Jhumroo in the Ranthambore vicinity is simply incredible. Today this 9 feet long male tiger is ruling the jungle by dominating the area around Padam Talao and Malik Talao and the entire summer is being spent at the cool confines of Rani Bagh. With such a great dynasty, Jhumrootoday is fatheringat least 18 descendants with four known tigresses. This majestic predator was being first observed by the tourists during July 2002 and is a very shy creature since he is being seldom observed by the officials.

His recent encounter with humans has really raised threats among the villagers and locals as this 11 year old tiger injured two villagers outside the park vicinity, when he was busy in enjoying his meal. The victims went much closer to him outside his comfort zone and on the contrary of his shy nature he attacked on them to express his rage.

A very majestic and giant creature of Ranthambore, the T-20 tiger is definitely the masculine hunk and interestingly quite opposite to his physique is a very shy tiger.