Face to Face the Tigers of Ranthambore

Ranthambore National Park is one of the biggest and most renowned national park in Northern India.

This is an impressive title for the book released by the Ranthambore forest officials to bring complete information about the tigers of Ranthambore National Park. The title that brings a majestic feeling of standing in front this giant predator of Ranthambore or your recalling of the grand encounter to the famous tigers; if you have been to the tiger reserve earlier; the booklet comes with complete tigers’ profile and information in and around the reserve.



For a true tiger lover, the experience of watching tigers in Sawai Madhopur’s Ranthambore will be now fashioned with three Es: emotional, entertaining and educational; and the credit all goes to the impressive booklet released by the forest department namely, “Face to Face- the Tigers of Ranthambore”. You will be now guided directly through this booklet at the Ranthambore vicinity that brings detailed information about the Ranthambore’s tigers, their famous territories and description about the floras and faunas in the tiger reserve. This booklet will be your greatest companion during your tiger tours and you will easily identify the tiger you spot and its features by comparing it with the booklet. Minister of tourism, art and culture, Bina Kak, further defines about the book that it contains all the relevant information of the reserve and specifies tiger zones besides bringing details of the strip pattern of both the left and right sides of the tigers by comparing the profile picture of the tiger and its cub and will be affirmed that they are spotting the same tiger which they have found in the book. This will really prevent the tourists from getting misguided by the guides or any other associates.

All the present tigers will be christened with their complete profile description including their age, weight and territories. While the reserve boasts the technical numbers for the respective tigers; now they will be called by their genuine names according to their appearance and features; like we know T-17 as Sundari, T-16 as Machali and T-28 as Star Male and so on. This will bring the tourists an emotional connection for the tigers and will be leveraged with lots of other Ranthambore information like the contact details of NGOs, hospitals, a map of the town and the accessibility guides.

The important part of releasing this book is that this book will be updated every year with the latest whereabouts of the reserve. So, if you are ready for a new kind of Ranthambore thrill, the book titled “Face to face-the Tigers of Ranthambore” will be your best companion this time for a perfect tiger tour in India.

Sr No Tiger ID Sex Name by Forest Dept Territory Parental
1 T3 M Bahadur Gilai Sagar, Aam Choki, Baori, Berda. Litter of T16
2 T6 M Remo Kachida, Bhadlav,Dhakara, Jokha, Bhoot Khora. Litter of T5
3 T8 F Ladali Balas, Jamoda, Chiri-kho, MahaKho Litter of T5
4 T9 F Malika Dara, Ranideh, Anantpura, Padra litter of T5
5 T11 F Chiroli female Bhid ,Chiroli Litter of T9
6 T13 F Old Sultanpur female Singhddwar, Sultanpur, kala Plia Pani,Sonkachh,Futa Bandha, Rann Litter of T14
7 T16 F Machhali Lakarda, Adidant,Mandook
8 T17 F Sundari Jhalara, Rajbag, Malik Talav, Mandook, Dang, Kachida, Singhdwar. Litter of T16
9 T19 F Kirshna Lakarda, High Point, Mandook, Narsatka,Nalghati,Dodhbawadi. Litter of T16
10 T20 M Jhumaru Jail Kho, Khatola, Chindali, Lahpur, Aadi Kho Litter of Jhalara mother , T16
11 T22 F Gayatri Lahpur , Sakari, Chhindali,Sholeshawar.
12 T23 M Bhola Lahpur, Chindali, Guda Litter of T22
13 T24 M Ustad Jamoda, Chiri Kho, Singhdwar, Sultanpur, kala Plia Pani, Sonkachh, Futa Bandha, Rann, Mishr dara, Amreshwar. Litter of T22
14 T25 M Zalim Anantpura, Kachida, Dhakada, Gudla Ghati, Aama Ghati, Bhotkhora, Gular kui, Jarokha, Top Of hill range near Adewalaji. (First time sight on date 28/1/13 at 7:45 am) Litter of T 22, But confused …
15 T26 F Sharmili Jaisinghpura, Rawara, Dang, Bhanwar Kho Litter of T22
16 T28 M Star Male Jhalara, Rajbag , Malik Talav, Mandook, Lakarda, Aditant, High Point. Litter of T27
17 T30 F Husnaaraa Jailkho, Khatola Kho,Pretdeh, Sakari Litter of 27
18 T31 F Indu Indala, Dang Litter of 27
19 T33 M Hamir Jail Kho, Thumka, Gilai Sagar, Baori. 1st litter of T30
20 T34 M Kumbha Balas Jamoda 1st litter of T30
21 T37 F Meera Ajitpura, Sawaiganj, Badpura. Litter of Guda female T15
22 T39 F Noor Singhddwar, Sultanpur, kala Plia Pani, Sonkachh, Futa Bandha, Rann, Futa Kot, Ganesh dham Checkpost. Litter of T13
23 T41 F Laila Berda, Semli, Aditant. Bhamar da, Bakhola. Litter of T4
24 T42 M Fateh Jail Kho, Khatola Kho, Pretdeh, Sakri. 2nd Litter of T30
25 T43 M Surzan Jail Kho, Khatola Kho, Pretdeh, Sakri. 2nd Litter of T30
26 T47 M Mr.Bond Maharazpura, Devgir, Udgir 1st Litter of T11

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